Advance Java

Course Description

Advance Java Course consist of various courses advance level concepts of java such as JDBC, Servlets, JSP, RMI,EJB, XML, struts and Hibernate.

Course PreRequisite

  • Must know OOPS concepts
  • Good command Core Java

Course Curriculum

Java Database Connectivity

  • JDBC Product
  • Types of Drivers
  • Two-Tier Client/Server Model
  • Three-Tier Client/Sever Model
  • Basic Steps of JDBC
  • Creating and Executing SQL Statement
  • The Result Set Object
  • Working with Database MetaData
  • Interface


  • Servlet Interaction & Advanced Servlets
  • Life cycle of Servlet
  • Java Servlet Development Kit
  • servlet package
  • Reading Servlet Parameters
  • Reading Initialization Parameters
  • The javax.servlet.http Package
  • Handling HTTP

JavaServer Pages

  • JSP Technologies
  • Understanding the Client-Server Model
  • Understanding Web server software
  • Configuring the JSP Server
  • Handling JSP Errors
  • JSP Translation Time Errors
  • JSP Request Time Errors
  • Creating a JSP Error Page


  • RMI Architecture
  • Designing RMI application
  • Executing RMI application


  • Types of EnterpriseJava beans
  • Session Bean & Entity Bean
  • Features of Session Bean
  • Life-cycle of Stateful Seession Bean
  • Features of Entity Bean
  • Life-cycle of Entity Bean
  • Container-managed Transactions &
  • Bean-managed Transactions
  • Implementing a container-manged Entity Bean


  • What is XML?
  • XML Syntax Rules


  • Introduction to the Apache Struts
  • MVC Architecture
  • Struts Architecture
  • How Struts Works?
  • Introduction to the Struts Controller
  • Introduction to the Struts Action Class
  • Using Struts ActionFrom Class
  • Using Struts HTML Tags
  • Introduction to Struts Validator Framework
  • Client Side Address Validation in Struts
  • Custom Validators Example
  • Developing Application with Struts Tiles


  • Introduction to Hibernate 3.0
  • Hibernate Architecture
  • First Hibernate Application

Course Fees

5000/- INR

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